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Shiro slowly regains consciousness and opens his eyes. His first words? Enter Lance. Maybe the closeness will help her. Speaking of Lotor, his mother Haggar is still out there.

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Her one motivation was her son. She used Shiro to keep an eye on Lotor. It was all about her son. The showrunners also promised fans will see the pilots go back to Earth, and how the five came together likely via flashback. The journey home driving plot comes as the series wraps.

It was announced that after the episode Season 7, a final episode season will premiere sometime before the end of Voltron showrunners announce Season 7 premiering August 10 will be 13 episodes. At three-years-old on her first day of school she met her soul mate. For the past eighteen years, their love remained strong overcoming every obstacle determined to break them apart. But now a new, insidious foe threatens to destroy them—the white powder, heroin. Alex is torn between the love that consumes his heart and the white powder that consumes his mind.

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Unable to escape the call of the white powder, heroin leads Alex down a dark path to destruction while Leah fights to save her childhood love before they both drown in his disease of addiction. Melanie Shawn. The Boss Too. Lexy Timms. Wife to the Boss.

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