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  2. No flutes allowed: Composer Ramin Djawadi on the music of Game of Thrones
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  4. The Process: How to Make a Ceramic Flute
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Leave the dowel in the tube while you do this, to keep from crushing the tube.

As soon as the seam has been smoothed, twist the dowel and draw it out of the tube. It must be removed at this point, because the clay shrinks as it dries, and will tighten up around the dowel.

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To construct the airway, insert a Popsicle stick into the tube and press the clay down around it with your thumbs, as shown 7. Press the clay from the end of the tube down about an inch.

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Leave the stick in place for the moment. Trim some of the excess clay from the sides of the mouthpiece. Trim the opposite end of the tube.


No flutes allowed: Composer Ramin Djawadi on the music of Game of Thrones

A large serrated rib as shown in image 9 works well, but a variety of tools can be used for this purpose. With one Popsicle stick in the airway, the other is used to cut the sound hole The sound hole should be located just below the point where the clay begins to taper toward the mouth hole. Make the cuts into the clay until they reach the inner stick. Use the sharpened edge of the stick to cut a shallow bevel in the back of the sound hole.

This is the finished sound hole The tube is now a simple, one-note flute. Give it a try.

Although the clay is wet, the flute can be blown enough to determine the quality of the basic sound. No sound? Reinsert the stick in the airway and adjust the beveled edge so that it splits the airway passage.

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Be sure the beveled edge is sharp and smooth. The flute is nearly ready for drying and firing.

Are You Ready? Bravely Second

You can now play the flute to see how it sounds. The countersink is twisted over each hole to give a nicely smoothed edge. Give this project a try and then tell us how it turned out in the comments below! Click here to cancel reply.

The Process: How to Make a Ceramic Flute

You must be logged in to post a comment. Remember Me This setting should only be used on your home or work computer. Tools needed to make this ceramic flute. This is a top view of the tube after the mouthpiece has been trimmed. Enter Your Log In Credentials.

Sometimes, children need to try and learn a few different instruments before they settle on the one they really love playing. For this reason, renting is almost always a good idea. Rental instruments often come with insurance and fees on top of the monthly cost of the rental. Although they certainly seem more reasonable than paying full price in the short term, they can quickly add up.

Rent-to-own programs are just what they sound like.

Flute Orchestra – Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra

This option is especially helpful if you want to buy a different kind of flute than the one your child had previously been learning on. Before you sign off on a rental, learn about the Most Common Problems with Used Flutes so you can do your best to avoid a problem instrument. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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