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  1. Welcome to the Power of Awareness Mindfulness Training.
  2. Your Roadmap to Higher Self-Awareness | The Chopra Center
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Your purpose, that which you seek, is there for you now and there are many paths to help you become whole. Becoming whole is simple, unique to you, and yet others have trodden similar paths and may be of assistance to you as you travel just as you will be of assistance to them. Often by participation in a spiritual awareness retreat, you can remove yourself from the mundane, your everyday, and allocate the time for yourself in which you may really be still.

In a still environment you are freed to look at your signposts and perhaps take a look in perspective at the road maps to awareness others have developed. You may choose to take the direction, listen to your own signs and those of people who have gone before, helping you discover your truths, or continue to struggle and repeat the lessons endlessly.

Welcome to the Power of Awareness Mindfulness Training.

Be still! Listen to your heart and the love you have for self and others and know your truth.

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Put aside the seduction of mind and the glamor of this or that option and truly listen to you, yourself. You will know the essence of truth when you allow your spirit to be.

Take time now to meditate , for in meditation you empower your spirit to be. As thoughts arise, acknowledge them and put them aside but allow them no energy. Sit and observe that you are spirit, you are mind, and you are physicality. Observe your mind, separate, observe your body, separate, and observe your spirit, your essence, and your essential being.


Your Roadmap to Higher Self-Awareness | The Chopra Center

You have the answers within and they may not fulfill your expectations. Put aside expectations and your spirit will fill you with love beyond all previous understanding. You will be free. That's not easy I hear you say. Not true, it is as easy as you are willing to allow it to be and as hard as your clutch to the known and familiar will make it. Mind and physicality will not easily surrender to your spirit just because you have chosen to increase your spiritual awareness. Others have trodden this path, some, a few, have seen the clarity of truth that is a distillation of the essential you.

Seek them out wherever you might find them and use their knowledge to help you light the way of your own path.

The Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself - Dr. Joe Dispenza

You are your spirit; it is only your mind that is holding you back in fulfilling your truth and becoming all you want to be. English French German.

Coaching with Dr. Heidi

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This book addresses specifically how YOU can bring the very tangible power of love and forgiveness into your world. You will learn why forgiveness works, not just in metaphysical terms, but also biologically. You will come to recognize the patterns and beliefs that create resistance to forgiveness , and you will see clearly how easy it is to overcome this resistance once you understand what a powerful force forgiveness is.

And, you will learn a simple, easy-to-use process to help you forgive and free yourself from past limitations and stories to finally be who you really are. You will also have the opportunity to unconditionally love and accept yourself — and in so doing, become a light unto the world. Forgiving releases attachment to the past and the resistance to being who you truly are.