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Unfortunately for Tsion, the mature Christians were all Raptured. This limits the number of people who might instruct him.

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Perhaps Tsion forgets that he is styled a rabbi. It is probable that very, very few rabbis were Raptured. Obviously they would disagree about Jesus, but there must be some Jewish shepherds left to teach Tsion how to nurture, admonish, and defend his flock. He has no religious training. He attended a secular university. Tsion was 19 compare Volume 2, p. They spent enough time together to become mentor and star pupil.

Tsion was grading students for a semester, not teaching on Shabbat in a synagogue and watching a congregation grow up and grow old. Finally, Tsion does not have even the training of the ordinary Christian in the church pews. The faithful Christian must have listened to years or decades of sermons, participated in years or decades of Bible study class, sung hundreds or thousands of hymns. Some of it probably remains on the tip of the tongue, so to speak. Some of it probably has been absorbed into your general life in Christ, just as food you can no longer taste has built up your body to make you stronger, to run longer.

Exercise daily: walk with God, run from the Devil. And of course we have Bibles, so that we can be nourished again and again. Tsion had the opportunity to read the New Testament in 22 languages Volume 2, p. That was part of why he was left behind. Describe sermons, classes, etc. None of this is intended to disparage Tsion Ben-Judah, merely to learn from his mistakes. Indeed, aside from being unsaved, none of his choices would have seemed like mistakes at the time.

Clearly he is a hard worker. Twenty-two languages! He liked teaching. He had no reason to think that he would ever change careers, let alone end up in a doomsday story. Only the reader can indulge in hindsight. Tsion did not know that he had decades to learn from wiser minds and hearts, from real rabbis, real pastors, real teachers, the real community of saints. He missed his chance. Now he lives in a world without freedom of worship, freedom of association, freedom of speech.

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Tsion does not even share a cultural background with the Trib Force. Chloe comes from a community and a century which tends to over-spiritualize medical, emotional, or financial problems, and which also rationalizes, medicates, or throws money at spiritual problems. There is no reason to think that the Trib Force has mended these bad habits merely because the world is ending. Finally, Tsion cannot call an ambulance, the police, or a suicide hotline.

Those resources no longer exist. The few that do in the novel are in the hands of the Devil. All of the above leaves the untrained and untried Tsion to tackle problems that would make even an experienced pastor cringe. How would you answer someone who is losing faith because others suffer? Altogether, Tsion is in an unenviable position. Yet he does two things that make a difference.

And Tsion appeals to relationships. Why did the weakling Appeal to the Masses tactic come closest to success? Perhaps it is because God is a relationship. Our God is a relationship, and He designed us for relationship with Himself and with each other. It is here that Tsion struck a nerve, however crudely and uncomprehendingly.

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If you wish, design a course of study for Tsion to catch up in the time that is left to him. Assume that the Tribulation Force can obtain what he needs, to the extent that it still exists. Every child of God is given talents Matt. At the same time, everyone owes God a sum of talents we never can repay—so He simply gives it to us Matt. Have you made the most of the talent and time that is given to you? If someone came to you in pain, would you know the difference between a hard day versus a crisis?

If someone came to you for spiritual help—for something this dangerous, something this serious—would you know how to help them? Is your family, your workplace, your church prepared with a plan of whom to call for emergencies? Does everyone know where to find that list?

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Related: there are times when a sin also is a crime. Would you make that phone call? Continue to Part 2 of 2. Return to Spoilers. Answer: During Lent of and particularly during Easter week of , your host frequently found oneself thinking about this book. Repeatedly, persistently, often, and a lot. We do not know if someone needs to read these spoilers and discussion, only that someone needed to write it.

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Answer: Volume 7 was released on March 30, , before a day that changed the world. As always, words or phrases in quotation marks are quotes from the novel. Answer: The enemy performs a particular sign and wonder in imitation and mockery of Christ. This could upset the faith of some. Before reading, the Gentle Browser should prayerfully consider whether one is ready or not yet ready for this advanced material. Answer: Certain characters in the novel exhibit irrational behavior. If you or someone you know is having such intrusive thoughts and feelings, your host would urge the Gentle Browser to contact or other first-responder, or a suicide prevention hotline.

Spoiler: As the novel opens in Jerusalem, what is in the prologue from Volume 6, Assassins? Buck Williams ducks at the sound of a gunshot. Buck hides under a scaffold to avoid being trampled. On the stage, Chaim Rosenzweig sits catatonic in his wheelchair. We need you!

The world needs you! I need you! To Buck, it is obvious what caused this fatal wound. It clearly identifies the assassin. They watch the news. Carpathia remains dead, laid out in state in New Babylon. Or did the assassin murder the wrong man?

Leah is ejected empty-handed. She calls Rayford and the safe house. There is no answer.

David Hassid knows why the phones are not working. The problem is that the entire planet is served by the same system. See Volume 4. Fortunado wants it done anyway.