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  2. Aggressive paparazzi with high-tech gear take intrusion to whole new level
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In a sense the United States could possibly be broken into two different sections, one being famous people, and the other one being ordinary people Strong Essays words 4. Media outlets are swift to report when celebrities are in trouble but quickly forget all their accomplishments Strong Essays words 2. You probably reply that you would enjoy of being the one which is at the top of everyone.

However, the reality is that you might not be as happy as you expected. Everything actually has two sides like medicines will relieve your pain but they also have side effects. When you have the most of everything, you might also lose more than others. For instance, you often see that the person that wins a lottery ticket usually wears a mask or have concealed his face by mosaic during any interview Strong Essays words 3.

Rather than taking interest in other activities like reading or the arts, people take interest in celebrity gossip. Society takes an interest in celebrity gossip because it is entertainment for them or it makes them feel better about themselves. Either way, people are reading more on celebrity gossip rather than picking up a good book and reading that instead Sharing pictures or updating a status has become easier and faster than ever.

It does not matter where the individual is or what they are doing—it only takes a few thumbs punches on a screen and their profile is updated. Some examples of social medium include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapshot, and others. Cell phones, social media, government, and other forms of technology threaten the lives of many both in their personal life and their life in the workplace Lazar. We must start to consider ways to help protect privacy more efficiently to protect the lives of people all across the globe Strong Essays words 4 pages.

Organisations have made substantial use of their customer's personal information without doing much to protect the information.

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Organisation's collecting personal information have had little impetus to consider the best privacy protection solutions and people have not done anything drastic to initiate such action Loss of privacy is price one pays to live in online world, Free Essays words 2. But we hope Joe gets into some kind of program before the pressure of the industry gets to him again.

Lisa Nicole Carson- Remember your girl? In , Carson began to meltdown. There were reports of her acting a fool in a local bar in her bathrobe, long drinking and marijuana binges, using PCP and talking to herself loudly in public places.

Aggressive paparazzi with high-tech gear take intrusion to whole new level

To get her act together, Lisa took a year break from the industry. Billie Holiday- Lady Sings the Blues is one of the best portrayals of the damage that the music industry can do to those willing to take the ride. Almost as soon as Billie got famous, she got hooked on heroin. And not even Billy D.

Williams could save her. Remember when Billie got the Piano Man killed and never got over it? She died shortly after of a heroin overdose at the age of Linda Blair- Linda Blair the little girl from The Exorcist first started acting and modeling when she was six years old. But as a teen actress, Linda got hooked on coke. Before her 20th birthday, she was arrested for coke possession and forced to do PSAs warning kids about the dangers of drugs.

Only outside of industry pressure was Linda able to get her act together. Now the year-old ex-actress is an avid animal rights activist who works closely with PETA. Macaulay Culkin- Macaulay is another one of the many child actors on this list. Remember how cute and funny he was on Home Alone?

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Well, after his stint as a child actor and an intimate friendship with Michael Jackson , Macaulay turned to heroin to fill the void. Friends, family and fans are worried about his risk for lung cancer. The child actress started smoking at age 9, drinking at age 10 and smoking marijuana at age In her late teens, she did so many nude photoshoots Interview Magazine , Playboy , etc. After her big break, she stopped taking her medication for her bipolar disorder, started doing drugs and got herself arrested a number of times.

And in February , Whitney Houston died in a drug-related drowning.

Celebrities' Biggest Regrets: The True Cost of Fame | HuffPost

As soon as Lindsay was old enough to use the fame and money to get into some major dirt, she did. Now, the number of actors and directors willing to work with her or even let her into their parties is dwindling. And that may be a good thing. Maybe a little bit of time out of the lime light is just what Lindsay needs to save her life. Once upon a time, Kanye was probably just a dude too full of himself for his own good.


In Jesus Walks , he said he should be in a revised version of the bible. Just a few years after his first album, Chris Brown was in the news for hitting his girlfriend. And things just kept escalating. And most of his major melt downs, unfortunately, coincide with his album releases. May 31, 2. Every celeb has truth be told. May 31, 3. I think every celebrity or just a public figure in general has paid a price for fame, even if they didn't necessarily 'want' it.

May 31, 4. Some of the celebs listed have mental issues. May 31, 5. May 31, 6. May 31, 7. I didn't know Lisa Nicole Carson had a meltdown and was on drugs.

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I liked the characters she played and her hair. May 31, 8. I don't think every celeb on that list paid the price of fame. Some of them had problems before the fame that they never dealt with and the fame just amplified it.